“I’ve been in your shoes…worrying about cash flow, not making the dreaded sales calls, dealing with employee attitude, fixing mistakes and trying to look like you’ve got it all figured out. If it’s your responsibility to care about and solve all of the issues in your business, I might be someone who can help you move through that to the next level more quickly.”

I have been immersed in both the operations and financial reporting of businesses throughout my career – first as a CPA, then several stints as Corporate Controller, then put all of that work to good use in our own business, ARK Sign Services, Inc. which my husband and I founded, operated and then sold 12 years later. The business continues to thrive and still retains all of the key employees 10 years after the sale.  We consider that a great ending to a lot of hard work and long hours for both us and our employees.

Since 2004 I have been working with business owners in all kinds of industries – retail, restaurants, construction, professional services, manufacturing, medical offices and more.  All business owners want the same basic things – get more sales, earn more profit, be different than the competition, make customers happy, have cheerful employees who show up and do their work efficiently and correctly.

Let’s talk about what you want.